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Curtain Hooks

Which Curtain Hook?

Which Curtain Hook?

Plastic or Metal?
The choice of plastic or metal hooks is very much down to personal preference. Though, plastic hooks are best suited to plastic gliders and metal hooks are best suited to metal gliders or rings. This is because mixing plastic hooks with metal curtain rings for example, the metal rings could wear away the plastic hook fairly quickly - espacially if your curtains are heavy. If in doubt, go for the metal curtain hooks.

Zinc versus Brass
Again this is down to personal preference but traditionally brass hooks were used to compliment brass curtain poles. Steel Zinc hooks were developed as a cheaper alternative which are very strong and durable.

Specialist Hooks
We have many specailist curtain hooks - Pin Hooks which are inserted into a buckram heading , Tridis Hooks for use with Triple pleat and Box Pleat Heading Tapes. We also have Deep Pleat hooks which can be used with a variable pleated tape - there are two options, Short Neck which lift the curtains to help cover the track, and Long Neck, which allow the curtains to sit below the pole/track.

Microflex Hook 75mm

(Curtain Hooks)


Microflex Hook 95mm

(Curtain Hooks)


Rolls Zinc Plated Pin Hooks 20

(Curtain Hooks)


Integra Curtain Hooks Pack of 20

(Curtain Hooks)


Swish Curtain Hooks Pack of 25

(Curtain Hooks)


Swish Curtain Hooks Pack of 100

(Curtain Hooks)


Rolls Deep Pleat Hooks Long Neck 100

(Curtain Hooks)


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